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Thirsty for Blood, or why Pale is the New Tan

Vampire novels: dark. creepy. romantic. sexy. mysterious. exciting. intriguing. funny.

Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney

Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney



They are if they’re about a nerdy kid pretending to be a vampire to get girls.

I just finished reading my advance copy of Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney.  In Meaney’s debut novel, 16-year old Finbar Frame seems to be the underdog of underdogs.  Not only does he have to deal with a twin brother who seems to be the reincarnation of a Greek Olympian, he’s allergic to the sun and knows more about girly pop culture than any teen boy looking for a girlfriend should.  Yes, that’s right.  He’s allergic to the sun.  While Flynn initially considers his diagnosis of solar uriticaria to be another one of the many unfortunate circumstances of his life, a chance encounter with a vampire-obsessed girl on a train gives him a bright idea.  He’s pale.  He’s brooding.  He’s gonna become a vampire.  Armed with every vampire novel he can find at the library and a handful of True Blood DVDs, he sets out to become Finn, super sexy and suave vampire.   Hilarity ensues as we watch Finbar try to assume his new persona and see if he can use it to land the girl of his dreams.

I found the premise of this novel hilarious and intriguing and in reading it, I was not disappointed.  My only issue with this novel is that while some of Finbar’s girlish  references and actions are believably explained by the fact that he spends most Friday nights at home watching chick flicks with his mother, at times they surpass even this explanation, making Finbar seem more girlish than necessary.  However, we can all find a little bit of ourselves in Finbar, that part that goes to drastic lengths to be happy with yourself or to make someone like you.

Overall, I enjoyed this book for a lazy summer afternoon.  It’s about time someone took to mocking the vampire-obsessed culture.  (Although, I will admit I sometimes fall into that crowd.)

Look for Bloodthirsty to hit shelves in October.


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